becoming lola

Hi my name is Nora also known as lola.. I’m just a regular girl and I’m in no way a writer or a blogger I just have a story to tell. I will say that this story is very graphic and contains some sexual and drug usage mention. in no way do I want you to cry for me Argentina… However I feel like in order to know the person you have to get to know their past.. ok here we go.. No turning back..

My story begins when I was 5. My mother brought me and siblings to the States and I didn’t know what was going on or that it was a better life for me. When you’re a kid you don’t know these things. You don’t even know that you’re poor until someone tells you are..anywho I didn’t have the American dream experience I had quite the opposite. You see I was molested when I was young and when I came here. I often think how my life would of been if we would of styed in Honduras, would that have never happened to me?… Would my brother still be alive? All these things run through my mind like water. Ok so I’m going to talk about thing that I now know that set me on this destructive path.. When I was young I was molested .. maybe you’re thinking what does this have to do with you becoming Lola… trust me it has a very big part to play.. So when I was young I was molested and not only did I not address this problem I thought I was fine.. for years… but I was not.. writing this proves im not ok.. ive cried and ive deleted and thought hard about this… it still has a hold on me.. for a long time I knew how to dissociate myself from people.. let me explain. when I was being molested I would close my eyes and pretend that this wasn’t happening to me.. kind of like on Forest Gump when Jenny said “I wish I was bird and fly far away” that was me when it was happening.. though no one ever came to rescue me I had to think of other ways to overcome it..i developed a tough skin and that set me on to the course that led me become Lola……


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